Another book fair done!

Yesterday we went to the book fair in Helsinki. It has become a kind of tradition and this year we were very smart and went there early morning without the pressure of tons of people. Sadly it took us a while to leave and then everything was full.

I got myself 5 paperback for 10€, all of them of the Scarpetta series so I cannot be happier. We also got a bag full of stamps (2500 to be precise) so not it is time to find a proper place for the collection to grow.

The new goodies

Maybe the only bad news of this whole book mania is the fact the we are starting to run out of space in our bookshelves : S  so we might need to visit IKEA rather soon.

Classifying is the best treat for a person with OCD : D



Debido a que cada vez hablo peor mi propia lengua materna, me veo obligada a cambiar el idioma (al menos hoy) del blog al castellano.

Han pasado mil y una cosas desde la última entrada. Empecé el master y el trabajo se volvió más intenso. En cierta manera, tengo lo que podría llamarse otra vida, una vida con muchos compartimentos que es difícil mantener cerrados y ordenados. Mis compañeros son mis profesores, mis amigos son mis compañeros de trabajo, mis compañeros de clase no son mis amigos (por ahora) y tengo pocos (básicamente dos) amigos fuera de la universidad. ¡Un maldito lío!

Compartimentar y organizar es lo que mejor se me da en la vida, pero aplicarlo a mi esfera personal se me está haciendo cuesta arriba. Esto, sin duda, suena mucho más dramático que la realidad (que me gusta a mi el drama) en realidad las cosas van bien, o al menos eso creo, no he faltado a ninguna clase, ni al trabajo, aún tengo vida social, y creo que aprobaré el primer seminario. Lo cual, creo que ya es un gran triunfo.

Lo que no tengo tiempo casi nunca para hacer es continuar los estudios de diseño. Eso si que se me está atragantando. Es cierto que me quedan 2 exámenes y repetir una prueba (bueno y luego ya en trabajo fin de curso) pero es que… ¡madre mía! Espero de verdad poder terminarlo a tiempo porque me tengo que graduar para Febrero sí o sí.

Cambiando un poco de tema, estuve el fin de semana pasado en Oslo y fue muy bonito, me encantó el viaje y ojalá tengamos días tan buenos como los que tuvimos allí.

Recientemente he aprendido que decir una palabra agradable cuando alguien la necesita vale mucho más que otras acciones y te deja un sabor de boca muy dulce.


Is it Friday yet?

Oh my lord! Many things happened since I came back home, among them I have a job again! Yeeiiii me! It’s going to be a short contract of one month but I am very excited and looking forward a prolongation of it for maybe… year? Maybe I am too optimistic.

The Welcome Fair of the university ended yesterday and I was there with my classmates from the master, almost everybody seems to be quite nice so I felt really happy to meet them all. During these days after my coming back I was assisting in the Helsinki Summer Seminar and that was suuuper tiring! There was fun too but after two weeks (well, technically one and half) I am devastated both physically and mentally. So I am more than happy that today is Friday and a quiet one. On Monday I have the orientation week, so I don’t have to come to work, but since the orientation is in the same place where I work… it is kind of impossible not to come to work, in a way. Needless to say how nervous/excited I am about starting the program : )

Suomenlinna August 2014


One day to go back home!

Time has traveled faster than my mind has and I feel a bit strange about the idea of flying tomorrow, it feels surreal that 12 days went so fast and now I go back to the starting point. During these days I have done almost all the things I wanted to do (3 remain undone but hopefully I would manage to do them during my last hours in here).

What I have enjoyed the most has been swimming in La Manga like I have always done during my childhood and teenage-hood and maybe the most annoying things have been the heat (which is disgusting) and the foods (I’ve been sick almost all the time). Another good thing has been, of course, catching up with the people here. That is always nice.

But now it’s time to get ready for the next stage, get ready for the master and for being home and complete again. I am not going to lie, I am very nervous about starting the master and see how everything is going to be (teachers, classmates, myself) but I want to remain positive by thinking that all will fine because worrying is useless.

As V. said “Repeat this to yourself, all what matter is here and now”. 


Registration for first course is done! 

I have butterflies in my stomach of just thinking about how different my life is going to be in the next few weeks! I cannot really believe that my dream came true and I am going to study for the Master in PIL 😀 (Public International Law) starting with a Moot Court Seminar, the first of my whole life. 

Today was my last day in beach, and the start of the countdown to go back home. Time went really fast and I am happy to be able to go back to where I belong.

La Manga, zona de San Javier


And the Sky fall, 

I do not mean the wonderful Adele song but a literal fall instead. It’s the third time my mom falls down on street due to her weight and lack of mobility issues, and that has made me think about something I was not taught in school despite being something hyper logical. This is: You only have this body, take care of it every single day!! 

There will be things you cannot avoid, but being fit (physically and mentally) will help you getting through life with a decent outcome. People who know me knows that I do not drink or smoke, I try to eat a balanced diet and clean food as much as I can and that I am into fitness and yoga (at the moment), but after this little home drama I have realized these things cannot and won’t be some kind of temporal fashion or trend in my life. Exercising, healthy eating and healthy life have to be the commands of my life in order to be able to enjoy and be healthy for myself as well as for my beloved ones, in order to have a good adulthood and a decent elderly days. 

From now on I will search for the perfect balance between my body and my mind.


Finally I have shoes for the wedding!

They are black and golden and they make me feel like in 007 movie, next bond girl? Never know 😀

In the previous entry I commented that it was really hot, I should have shut up because yesterday it was serious shit out under sun, so hot I almost fainted again but I have survived. Today we are going again to beach to sunbathe as much as possible, but even if going there with parents is nice, I wish I could go with friends – cousins to have a little meet up and enjoy time with them.

Despite being a bit sad because I am away from home, and having the stomach messed up, I am having a nice start of the week and I hope it continues like this.


It’s too hot in here!

I am in Spain at the moment, in my small, old and terribly hot hometown. I have been here for less than 48 hours, that means I do feel a bit awkward, I am still getting used to the heat and to listening Spanish language all around again, it’s interesting to realize that you understand everything people speak all the time, interesting and tiring.

So far I have not done anything special, but today I will start my crusade in search of a pair of heels for the wedding. Yesterday I spent the whole day organizing old papers and throwing things away, mainly old notes from law school which are useless at the moment. On the process I found nice things that made me bring back some good memories and things to think about, deeply.

This morning I saw a very interesting documentary about humanity and our DNA and genetics from National Geographic channel, it was really good. At the beginning I was a bit skeptic with the whole “we came all from Africa”, but the documentary was really interesting and beside other explanations (mainly aliens) I am satisfied with this genetics tests.



The last process of the master selection is done and I am officially a student : ) (with a student number and all!). This means the master dream is a reality now and something that will fill my days very very soon. On one hand I am super excited to start this new chapter of my life, but on the other I am super scared (as always) of not being able to handle it. Dualism is nothing new in my life so what I have to try to do is to focus on the positive aspect of it, the happiness of something new, and to challenge myself and try to give the best of me in the process.

Another change here is that autumn is coming, leaves are getting brownish and some of them already fell down. This means that when I come back from Spain I will jump straight from summer to fall season and then when the wedding happens I will do it backwards (so: Autumn-Summer-Autumn-Summer-Autumn) hopefully I won’t get sick!

Today is going to be quit hard training day, fingers crossed!


Yesterday was great!

It went much better than expected and now I have my wonderful ring with me :3 It makes my hand look totally different and I love it.

Today is Saturday and there is not much to do anywhere, I ate, watched some series, read and did some training and now I don’t have much left to do anymore. I am a bit excited because after the workout I could see some abs (finally)!! No doubt that I have been doing my work right these days.

But now I am covered in sweat and so disgusting that I should go to shower.