Baby, it’s snowing outside!


No niin! the trip went much better than expected, I survived the way to Kotka and now I can slow down and take care of myself. I am both nervous and excited to see how the Christmas are going to be, but deep inside I have the feeling it is going to be a great time. Merry Christmas everyone! Hyvää joulua kaikille!!


Woa! presents are here, I got two great books, one about decoration and another about mythology! Cannot be happier, boyfriend has make the best choice and I am very happy to see that he really knows what I like 🙂 I am really going to enjoy reading those ❤ Today I have gone to the doctor because last night boyfriend got worried about the symptoms I described him; As we thought I have urine infection but now I have antibiotics and hopefully I will recover soon. This evening we go to Kotka, and I hope I can survive the 1 hour and half trip.


Apparently the juice helped a bit and I feel more or less normal. But went I tried to reach the city centre I realised that it was all fake, I am not recovered yet, and it has been probably the worst experience in my life. In any case, today is the present day for us, as tomorrow we leave to Kotka. I am really excited to see what I get 🙂


Friend left today back to Spain, and I have stayed home during the morning. Today boyfriend is in double shift (thing that I didn’t quite like because I get bored home alone). I start feeling slightly better but when I went to sauna I felt that all progress was lost. I bought myself some cranberry juice to see if it helps a bit.


Friend didn’t sleep home today even if we prepare all for him, but it is fine. Boyfriend went to work and I have stayed home the whole day, trying to drink as much water as I could in order to get a bit better. Around 15.00 friend arrived and we chatted for couple hours before he left again to city centre with the friend, but I have decided to stay home as I was feeling sick still.  The best thing of today was the news that we will start working despite we didn’t get the money, so there is still hope, yeii!!


Today my friend is staying home and I am convinced that I have urine infection. Nevertheless, I have promised to take him for a walk so we went to Seurasaari while boyfriend went to buy the Christmas presents. I am super curious to know what is he getting! After the walk we headed to city centre again where we ate in Harald. My friend stayed in city centre with a friend of his while boyfriend and I went back home.


Oh lord, what a night! I had slept just few hours as I have spent the majority of the time in the toilet. After that I went by taxi to airport were I got even sicker, I think I went more than 10 times to toilet in 2 hours. When my friend arrived we hugged and went for tea/snack. Tea did a nice job and helped my stomach to settle down a bit. Then we caught the bus to go back to the city centre, once there we went to eat to Amarillo, where we met two more friends. Once we were done with the food we went to glögi and then back home. It has been a nice day but I am sicker.


The sickness continues and I think it might be something worse than a typical flu, as I have other symptoms. But this is no time to wonder much about those as I should prepare things for tomorrow when my friend is arriving to Helsinki.


Can it be possible that I am sick again? Never know, I was feeling a bit sick this morning (throat) but it went away, leaving just huge headache and a bit of temperature behind. I think I am starting to be exhausted of studying. I did many things, I started the lesson 6 (last of the semester) of the design, I started reviewing an article for the FYBIL, studied the first part of my exam and worked hard to put the papers for the master together. Oh! and I also saw one video lecture of a course from the Copenhagen University (Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World) which is really really interesting. I was so tired after this all that I slept quite long nap. Luckily my boyfriend is wonderful and he went to markets for me and cooked me a tasty dinner. ❤


It has been a really quiet day, as every Sunday, it was cleaning day. But nothing very remarkable about it. I also studied and took the exam 5 of the interior design course. It has been snowing lots this morning but sadly it all has melted away… I am wondering that maybe we will not have snow at all, but let’s see.


Today I have meet a very good friend of mine from same home town. We went to have some snack, talk about things and drink Glögi (the Christmas typical drink). I also met a friend of hers, a Swedish speaker Finnish who is sharing his house with my friend. It was a super nice evening despite the coldness of the weather. Time was so good that I am not sad because I missed the sauna 🙂 Oh! I also bought some tonttu for mother.


I don’t really feel like doing anything today. I feel really lazy. Arg! Stupid Friday! Boyfriend is working and I am very bored. Luckily I will talk to cousin through Skype. And I have to send the postcards before is too late! Ai, ai!!


Ups! I was supposed to meet a friend today but now plan is cancelled and I have nothing to do for the rest of the day. Dam it! Boyfriend got some nice words today, and a chocolate coin 🙂


Today was the second class at university. This time the topic was the Prohibition of Torture. A super interesting topic! We watched pieces of a Guantanamo Bay Documentary which I would definitely like to see entirely. This time we didn’t go for coffee but I went to get Indian food home. Surprisingly, I got mistaken by an Indian national myself. Crazy people!! The butter chicken was as good as always 🙂


Oh man! The lecture was good! Although I knew many things what my friend said in her class, it was still very interesting to hear. We have also discussed about Bin Laden and his murder by the American forces in Pakistan. Quite interesting and controversial topic. After the lessons we went for coffee and I enjoyed my favourite cake, carrot cake 🙂 Delicious! Boyfriend and I met in the city centre and we got new Play Station games: Tomb Raider Survivor, Resident Evil 5 and Fallout.


Day nine has been a really normal day, we finished Beyond and we sadly, died 😀 maybe we should try to play it again just to experience a different story and see a final ending. I am a bit excited today because tomorrow I will assist to my friend’s first lesson at the Faculty of Law, a lesson about the Right to Life in the terrorism context. I cannot wait! I made a little surprise for boyfriend today, I have made two salt dough plates with the key to our first apartment and another as a commemoration of his graduation from collage this year.


So, no more Walking Dead, we switched for Beyond: Two Souls yesterday night and the whole today. I don’t know do I like it as much as The Last of Us. I somehow guess I am a bit tired of looking at screen and that makes me not enjoying the story as much as I did with the other game. This doesn’t mean that game is not good, not at all, it is super interesting and graphics are amazing. But I cannot take Willem Dafoe serious any more. He plays a CIA scientific or psychologist  (I’m not really sure) with a huge paternalistic attitude towards the main character Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) who is a pretty unique girl with a spirit (or entity as they call them in the game) living inside her. This is a multi option game so we cannot stop wondering what would have happened if we would have done it differently 😀 I guess we just have to try all possible combinations.


It turned out to be nothing serious and today I was feeling much better 🙂 We had another playing day and we finished The Last of Us. I really liked the game, it caught me from the very first moment, it is one of those games that makes you scared, nervous and about to have a heart attack. About the ending… I have to admit it was surprising, I like it. After the gaming morning/evening we enjoyed sauna and pizza-kebab 🙂 We also started a new game The Walking Dead, which is my kind of game, slow (less action-fear) and more wondering/talking around.


Oh no! I am sick 😦 I got the flu from boyfriend!. Today has been a rather bad day, spent more than 10 hours in sofa cuddling and feeling really bad. It took a while to get temperature down and all I remember is The Last of Us video-game as boyfriend played. I am a bit sad I missed the advent calendar surprise but I wasn’t in the best mode for it. I guess I will need to compensate it today with a double treat or something. Let’s see.


Santa has arrive earlier this year and he has send us a Play Station 3 and three games to play: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls and The Walking Dead. At the moment we are playing The Last of Us and I like it so much that I will review it in another post. The reason why we got the PS3 instead of the 4th is because it is still playable, price was really good and we have now endless games options and some of them in more than affordable price (around 30€ a game). Oh! and now we can also get films in Blu-Ray quality, which is very very good 🙂


Fourth day hasn’t gone as a really planned it to go. In my advent calendar I hide chocolate and a draw of a couple kissing. But despite the joy of sharing things and give the boy a surprise I was really down and sad because of the news of no-funding we got from KONE. I know I just have to wait and that this kind of things go like this, but I couldn’t help to fell down.


Third day of the advent calendar is here. With boyfriend almost recovered he got chocolate and nice quote:
What if Christmas doesn’t come from a shop. What is Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more?
Today we received a package from Spain with food and some little presents. I got a bit emotional while reading the Christmas greetings from my parents and grandma. I miss them lots and kitty cat too.


Second day arrived, a quiet one. Boyfriend was sick (flu) so he got on box full of his favourites: cookies, juice, buns and nose medicine. Let’s hope he gets bettet soon.


Finally the day has come, the countdown for Christmas is here and I couldn’t be happier. Couple days ago I read about making diaries for important times, in the web they were talking about expecting or preparing weddings but as I am not into any of those I decided to make one of my first Christmas in Finland. And here it is the day one:

It is raining lots outside and we are expecting a storm to come this evening. I woke up really early today (for a Sunday) and right now is almost 9am and I have put all my decorations around the house already. Some might think I was excited, indeed I am. This is going to be a super different holidays for me because of three reasons, it is the first Christmas abroad, the first without grandpa and the first with my partner.

I have to confess that at the beginning I wasn’t excited at all, I got stressed and disappointed about Christmas in here. Decorations have been in shops since late October and I didn’t understand the meaning of some items or better say, the traditions they are attached to. This lead me to endless wonder and thinking that did nothing to me. During November I tried another strategy instead and I tried to focus on a more positive approach towards the holidays and it has worked fine for me.

I am celebrating and decorating because I have reasons to do it, I am alive, I am healthy and even if I am not with my parents, grandma and kitty cat, I am with my boyfriend, who is my family now. So let’s celebrate the joy of all we have in our lives because we never know what can happen next year.

This are all the things I got for the home. Not much but enough 🙂

Boyfriend will open the 1st day of the advent calendar (the red reindeer in the pic), let’s see what he finds!



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