Another Easter has passed by and I am still struggling to find the motivation I had during the fall. It seems that 2015 is the years of the ups and downs with more downs (or at least apparently). It has become usual in the entries of the blog to talk about me not being motivated […]


“Gaps in my dairy speak volumes about me”, That quote belongs to a Gary Go song and at the moment I feel very identified with. It has been almost a month since my last entry and these have been rough days in which I have been down majority of the time, although not sure why, […]


I have graduated! Let the joy spread around! I have finished my design studies 🙂 yei me! I have learned a lot during this year and a half and I will try to make give my home a bust to its best possibilities (not only now but also in the future). If there’s something I […]


And then stress took over once more, Although I’ve been feeling generally positive about things it turned out that I am again destroying myself a bit. Now that there’s a stage closing and I am in the crossroad of decisions to make, I find myself stressing and loosing control of my body, and once again […]


Yeii, the project is almost done! So everything has gone smoothly and I’ve managed to do all in time, I cannot be happier. I have been sacrificing lots of couple time but it was, sadly, necessary to get the things done. After this week I can retake my normal life and take care about myself, […]


Well, well, the essay is done, I cannot believe I’ve really done it on time! When I came back home after the short vacations in Spain I could only think that I was not going to make it, but I’ve used my (only) talent of planning and it went nicely. It will have to be […]


Routine or not routine, Having coming back to work and studying is proving to be quite challenging after this short holiday period. I feel rather unfocussed, although I am advancing in several things. I am starting the year having tons of doubts about everything I do, think, write, etc. not sure why but I feel […]


Happy New Year! So another year has passed, this time we are leaving to Helsinki when last year I had just arrived to Spain. We have had a rather short holiday home and now it’s time to go back to the routine and normality of our days in Helsinki. I am a bit concerned about the […]


This week was a great success! I do not know how but I have managed to do almost all I had in my “to do” list so I am more than happy. In my last entry I talked about the Faculty Christmas party and I have to admit that turned out pretty nicely and I […]


There’s a song saying “the gaps in my diary speaks volumes about me”, and this is what had just happened here. During this long gap in my electronic diary I have done and gone through many things, I went to tons of lessons, eat with many friends, read many articles, wrote essays, took exams, had […]