I have graduated! Let the joy spread around! I have finished my design studies 🙂 yei me! I have learned a lot during this year and a half and I will try to make give my home a bust to its best possibilities (not only now but also in the future). If there’s something I […]


And then stress took over once more, Although I’ve been feeling generally positive about things it turned out that I am again destroying myself a bit. Now that there’s a stage closing and I am in the crossroad of decisions to make, I find myself stressing and loosing control of my body, and once again […]


Yeii, the project is almost done! So everything has gone smoothly and I’ve managed to do all in time, I cannot be happier. I have been sacrificing lots of couple time but it was, sadly, necessary to get the things done. After this week I can retake my normal life and take care about myself, […]


Well, well, the essay is done, I cannot believe I’ve really done it on time! When I came back home after the short vacations in Spain I could only think that I was not going to make it, but I’ve used my (only) talent of planning and it went nicely. It will have to be […]


Routine or not routine, Having coming back to work and studying is proving to be quite challenging after this short holiday period. I feel rather unfocussed, although I am advancing in several things. I am starting the year having tons of doubts about everything I do, think, write, etc. not sure why but I feel […]


Happy New Year! So another year has passed, this time we are leaving to Helsinki when last year I had just arrived to Spain. We have had a rather short holiday home and now it’s time to go back to the routine and normality of our days in Helsinki. I am a bit concerned about the […]