This week was a great success!

I do not know how but I have managed to do almost all I had in my “to do” list so I am more than happy. In my last entry I talked about the Faculty Christmas party and I have to admit that turned out pretty nicely and I even had nice clothes! Yei me! I am still wondering how the pictures are going to be, since I don’t think of myself as a very photogenic person, but never know.

In this week I have received very nice Christmas gifts from my co-workers and friends (mainly eatable treats) and those have make me really happy! It starts to feel little by little that I am fitting in 🙂 But it makes me happier that I am a step closer to finish the design exams, I still need to draw a section of the whole house and make another plan with materials but then it will be done, hopefully I will be able to send it the week of Christmas and then I will fill in the last exam’s practical questions and it will be done!

Despite this joy I am a bit concern about the last subject of the master, I still need to write an essay and I don’t really feel confident about it. I lack inspiration and will to start reading the material I have printed, but let’s see, maybe inspiration comes one day (I still have have one month for that).

I go to stare through the window, it’s snowing!



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