There’s a song saying “the gaps in my diary speaks volumes about me”,

and this is what had just happened here. During this long gap in my electronic diary I have done and gone through many things, I went to tons of lessons, eat with many friends, read many articles, wrote essays, took exams, had panic attacks, lost sight, got a cold, went to the museum, took care of the department for a week and survive!

I am now moving back to more calmed days, again my working weeks will be 20 hours and not 50 like in last months, so hopefully I will be able to finish my design studies, write the essay that is due in January (if the teacher approves my topic) and read nice the books I bought yesterday.

These belong to the Great Ideas series of Penguin books, a collection of 100 books with the most relevant ideas of mankind. As you can see I bought Seneca, Plato and Epictetus, who are quite old authors but surely will give me great ideas. I am now aiming to collect the series (if I like it enough).

This week I need to buy a decent outfit for the Department photo shoot and Faculty Party because I have nothing to wear and apparently I cannot buy a dress because my sizes do not match, I have an S up and M down so I have to aim at double piece thing. Let’s see what I find!



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