And the Sky fall, 

I do not mean the wonderful Adele song but a literal fall instead. It’s the third time my mom falls down on street due to her weight and lack of mobility issues, and that has made me think about something I was not taught in school despite being something hyper logical. This is: You only have this body, take care of it every single day!! 

There will be things you cannot avoid, but being fit (physically and mentally) will help you getting through life with a decent outcome. People who know me knows that I do not drink or smoke, I try to eat a balanced diet and clean food as much as I can and that I am into fitness and yoga (at the moment), but after this little home drama I have realized these things cannot and won’t be some kind of temporal fashion or trend in my life. Exercising, healthy eating and healthy life have to be the commands of my life in order to be able to enjoy and be healthy for myself as well as for my beloved ones, in order to have a good adulthood and a decent elderly days. 

From now on I will search for the perfect balance between my body and my mind.


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