It’s too hot in here!

I am in Spain at the moment, in my small, old and terribly hot hometown. I have been here for less than 48 hours, that means I do feel a bit awkward, I am still getting used to the heat and to listening Spanish language all around again, it’s interesting to realize that you understand everything people speak all the time, interesting and tiring.

So far I have not done anything special, but today I will start my crusade in search of a pair of heels for the wedding. Yesterday I spent the whole day organizing old papers and throwing things away, mainly old notes from law school which are useless at the moment. On the process I found nice things that made me bring back some good memories and things to think about, deeply.

This morning I saw a very interesting documentary about humanity and our DNA and genetics from National Geographic channel, it was really good. At the beginning I was a bit skeptic with the whole “we came all from Africa”, but the documentary was really interesting and beside other explanations (mainly aliens) I am satisfied with this genetics tests.


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