Is it Friday yet? Oh my lord! Many things happened since I came back home, among them I have a job again! Yeeiiii me! It’s going to be a short contract of one month but I am very excited and looking forward a prolongation of it for maybe… year? Maybe I am too optimistic. The […]


One day to go back home! Time has traveled faster than my mind has and I feel a bit strange about the idea of flying tomorrow, it feels surreal that 12 days went so fast and now I go back to the starting point. During these days I have done almost all the things I […]


Registration for first course is done!  I have butterflies in my stomach of just thinking about how different my life is going to be in the next few weeks! I cannot really believe that my dream came true and I am going to study for the Master in PIL 😀 (Public International Law) starting with […]


And the Sky fall,  I do not mean the wonderful Adele song but a literal fall instead. It’s the third time my mom falls down on street due to her weight and lack of mobility issues, and that has made me think about something I was not taught in school despite being something hyper logical. This is: […]


Finally I have shoes for the wedding! They are black and golden and they make me feel like in 007 movie, next bond girl? Never know 😀 In the previous entry I commented that it was really hot, I should have shut up because yesterday it was serious shit out under sun, so hot I […]


It’s too hot in here! I am in Spain at the moment, in my small, old and terribly hot hometown. I have been here for less than 48 hours, that means I do feel a bit awkward, I am still getting used to the heat and to listening Spanish language all around again, it’s interesting […]


Finally! The last process of the master selection is done and I am officially a student : ) (with a student number and all!). This means the master dream is a reality now and something that will fill my days very very soon. On one hand I am super excited to start this new chapter […]


Yesterday was great! It went much better than expected and now I have my wonderful ring with me :3 It makes my hand look totally different and I love it. Today is Saturday and there is not much to do anywhere, I ate, watched some series, read and did some training and now I don’t […]


No niin, it’s August! This is the last month of holidays before the master starts and I am starting to get anxious about it. But August is also going to be a month for visits since I am soon (in a week) leaving to Spain for 12 days. I am not sure what the coming […]