Aiai, so hot weather!

It is disgustingly hot in Helsinki these days and not to mention that I hate it with all my heart. I have never been a huge fan of hot days but being in a country that is not prepared for them is even worse. Back in Spain summers are extremely hot (I was born and raised in the south-east coast, very close to Africa) but we know how to deal with it, every place has air conditioning that is functional, this mean you can actually feel some relief from the hot, the houses have ventilators or (like mine) air conditioning system and… you can go to swim into the Mediterranean sea and that, my friends, always helps.

In Helsinki due to the fact that summer season is short, places are not well prepared for this, public transportation can be air-conditioning – free and the only ventilation for a train van full of people come from a tiny opened window. Restaurants, cafés and shops suffer from the same issue, you cannot feel anything at all and they are incredibly hot. Luckily our apartment is a “through the building” apartment and we can make the air flow inside for the majority of the day and although it is hot inside, we can mange and sleep decently. Partly because of our blackout curtains don’t allow any heat to enter to the room and being in a dark room feels fresher.

To keep on my complaining mood, yesterday I visited a good friend of mine and I decided to skip the gluten free diet, a terrible, terrible mistake I am still regretting. My “treat” was only a piece of pie but it felt terrible after couple hours, by the time I got home I had headache, I felt very weak, had nausea and stomach felt funny. Today I am feeling disgusting, like I have something I cannot swallow plus stomach is out of control. So yes, lesson learnt, I might be gluten sensitive.

Visiting my friend was a great time, I love their house, their garden, they are so nice and kind : ) I feel really happy A. is my friend. And her partner/boyfriend M. is very kind and funny in his own way, they are my first Finnish friends (apart from my boyfriend) so I am glad. They own a house in Korso, Vantaa which is a traditional red wooden house full of nice things and curious stories inside. Whenever I go there I feel the need of taking millions of pics but I never do it because I think it might be rude. A. gave me home-made juice I cannot wait to try!

Today I will keep on with the training routine and back to clean eating for the shake of my health. I will be training today with Edith and I bet it will burn as my arms are a bit sore from yesterday, so wish me luck!


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