We’ll survive!

Today is the second day of being alone home… and it’s going on rather slow. I woke up around six thirty today and after reading newspapers I continue the law reading. I am in the last reading my thesis supervisor advised me to read (which is his thesis).

I have been very nervous lately about all related to the master program, I have lots of insecurities that something might be wrong and my dream won’t come true, but today I have realised that all that sounds a bit like bullshit and it’s time to spread the joy of being in the program and start working for it.

Not only I got in the program I wanted in the first try, but I also managed to find a nice supervisor for my future thesis. Somebody that would advised me well in indigenous matter from a legal perspective. I cannot be happier! Right now he told me to focus on the foundations of International Law through Spanish Scholastics and that’s what I am up to. It is a really dense (and sometimes difficult) topic that requires super focus and active reading. But I am enjoying it : )

Today I also got letters from my family in Spain, and that’s always nice, even if I cried a bit. Yesterday’s food turned out to be great, although the salmon burgers were far from burgers because there was only the salmon : D next time I will try to find proper bread for them. Today’s food was pork with vegetables and watermelon and tonight is the quinoa night. I am a bit scared of this but I will put the boy to help me in the process.

Apart from this new food routine, I have started to exercise again. I decided to take the Transformer Challenge from the bodyrockers (this is their current challenge). I needed to do certain modifications today because I don’t own/have a working station but I did the workout and that is always nice.

As you can see I am in a need of filling my days as much as possible with things to do all the time, maybe this means something but I don’t know yet what. In the way to discover it I will keep on enjoying my hobbies, cooking, gardening, reading and… maybe exercising?


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