And holidays are over 😦

After three wonderful weeks together, boy is back to work and I am back to being alone. I know I have many things to do so I will be busy anyway, but still… being alone home kind of sucks.

Today we are starting the testing week without gluten. I have been lately thinking it might be not so good for us to consume it so we are giving it a go now. Lunch was really good, I have eaten potato salad, zucchini and leak tortilla and a pear; and I have to admit that it was really good and refreshing.

This new eating routing is also challenging because we should eat 5 times a day, which is the recommended thing to do, so soon I should be having another piece of fruit (I chose to eat mandarin) and dinner is going to be salmon hamburger (well, without the bread), vegetable pure and yoghurt. Hopefully those are good, because it is first time I prepare them.

Tomorrow’s challenge will be to find something called millet in order to do some millet-balls, if I am unable to find it, I will try to make these quinoa balls. I am excited!


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