The family is growing! Yesterday I got the wonderful notice that my cousin F. is expecting a baby, yeeii! He or she is going to be the first child of the new generation in the family, which kind of makes sense considering F. is the oldest of the cousins. I am excited about this super […]


Aiai, so hot weather! It is disgustingly hot in Helsinki these days and not to mention that I hate it with all my heart. I have never been a huge fan of hot days but being in a country that is not prepared for them is even worse. Back in Spain summers are extremely hot […]


The quinoa was amazing! Yesterday’s balls were hiper-mega-super great! They took a while to get ready (around one hour or so) but they totally worthy. Today’s less adventurous lunch was rice with tomato sauce and fried egg, something Spanish people call “Arroz a la cubana” and tonight is kind of party night with chicken fajitas. […]


We’ll survive! Today is the second day of being alone home… and it’s going on rather slow. I woke up around six thirty today and after reading newspapers I continue the law reading. I am in the last reading my thesis supervisor advised me to read (which is his thesis). I have been very nervous […]


And holidays are over 😦 After three wonderful weeks together, boy is back to work and I am back to being alone. I know I have many things to do so I will be busy anyway, but still… being alone home kind of sucks. Today we are starting the testing week without gluten. I have […]


We’re making progress here! I am happy to communicate that I have finally sent the exam number 9 (yeiii me!) and now there are officially only 2 and a half to go, since I have almost completed number 10 this same morning. I cannot be happier! In other sort of things, I have had a […]


Oh no! Last week of holidays! Time has flew so badly! This is the last week of holidays my boyfriend is having (and that means that even if I am unemployed – currently- it’s mine too). During these last days we’ve been tripping a bit around Helsinki and capital area (take a look here) and […]