Hyvää Juhannus päivää!

Or in English, Happy mid-summer day! yei! Last night was the yötön yö (nightless night), meaning it is was the longest day of the year. How did I spend this magical night? Well, far away from magic in any possible way.

Yesterday was holiday so I didn’t have to go to work, instead a woke lazily around 10 and when to eat with my boy to a local pizza-kebab. After that he left to work and I needed to find my way back home in the rain without umbrella (felt just great for my cold). Once I arrived home I went straight to bed again, covered myself with the white and grey duvet and read for two hours (or maybe even more) the second part of the Shades of Gray trilogy, which is a series I have mixed feelings about, I read and read very fast (not difficult vocabulary or anything) and nothing really happens God dammit! I sincerely feel sorry for the women who find themselves aroused by this lame, I-describe-all-in-the-same-way book.

I am not saying I could do much better, probably I won’t but in any case, that is my opinion. Going back to my day… after being relaxed in bed I took advantage of my time and worked-out, I cannot tell how long it took but I tried to exercise all areas of my body (except back, which is a part I am hopeless with). After sweating and listening to music I felt great, so great I went straight to naps! But it didn’t take long before I was disturbed by some wassap buzzing so I got up, ate a high protein yoghurt and logged in Skype to talk to my parents.

Our conversation caused me some more mix feelings and even anxiety, leaving my with a bit inside emptiness I am unable to fill. For the last week our conversations have not been really well or motivating somehow and I have been suffering with anxiety, stress, nightmares and unbalance body/mind after them. I have even considered starting some kind of therapy in order to handle this things better but I have to think more about this in a healthier way, otherwise this is going to fuck things up.

I really have good things to focus on, like my trip to Norway, my participation in the seminar, the end of my work and start of holidays, my master program starting in few months, my living here, and my wonderful boyfriend. Definitely I have reasons to be happy and smile and in those I should focus more, together with working-out and keep out with the “relaxing yoga” because the family wedding will be in about three months and I have to look good for that!

This turned out to be a long entry but ….


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