Norway here I come…

I should be excited about going to Tromso to spend two days in the seminar but somehow (or at least today) I don’t feel exactly thrilled about it.

It is interesting how a single event can change your mode and make you feel so down. I have learn that focussing on bad things only make them look bigger so what I should do is try to focus on this trip with a neutral mind, hope for it to be the best it can be and have hope that it will be so.

In order to make my nights less lonely I am having a t-shirt with my boyfriend’s picture on it, it might sound crazy but it makes me feel less lonely when he is not around

During this week I should also write my first book review. I have written a page (well, not a full page but more than half of a page) and I have covered at least half of the information they required me to provide but I am a bit concerned about the word limit. I think I might be using too few words and I should write more, but let’s see how this goes.

Anyway, I hope to come back from the trip with renewed energy, good memories and some nice pictures 🙂


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