And the review is done! I have a week still to hand the document and I am happy I have managed, I do know there will be changes (as always) but it makes me happy that is going forward and I will have my first publication within this year. Apparently there are some good new […]


Hyvää Juhannus päivää! Or in English, Happy mid-summer day! yei! Last night was the yötön yö (nightless night), meaning it is was the longest day of the year. How did I spend this magical night? Well, far away from magic in any possible way. Yesterday was holiday so I didn’t have to go to work, […]


So here I am, in Tromso, Well, not in Tromso but in Sommaroy (I think it is written like that). It is a small fishing island up north. The trip went very smoothly and I arrived on time. Although I have slept during the plane trips, I feel really tired and (of course) I do […]


Norway here I come… I should be excited about going to Tromso to spend two days in the seminar but somehow (or at least today) I don’t feel exactly thrilled about it. It is interesting how a single event can change your mode and make you feel so down. I have learn that focussing on […]