Today is Palmusunnuntai!

Easter has started and things in here are quite different from last entry. I am not going to blame myself once more for not updating, it is a fact that I am lazy and it seems that nobody really cares so : D

Anyway, here comes the updates, I got another contract for the next three months (which I had not signed yet) and I feel really thankful for it : ) My tasks remain almost the same, although now I have more work to do. With workmates things are going much better and I feel again like home.

Regarding my Finnish lessons, I passed the Course 3 with a 5/5 ! As my friend said: smart cookie! : D I am super clever! Now I am in the Course 4 which started a bit boring but I cannot wait to see how it goes. In these courses I have found two nice girls that I hope I can maintain friendship with : )

It is very important to have people around who I can call friends, it helps me feeling home and integrated in this country. I remember how afraid I was about not finding my place in Helsinki and in Finland, but I see now that things just go smoothly and fine. Today, being part of the Palmusunnuntai celebration made me feel like I am part of this country, not an outsider element any more. I am thrilled!

Talking about being thrilled, this week is going to be huge because the results of master application will be published on Wednesday… I am so damn nervous about it! I really hope I managed to get in, because it is something that I would really like to do and something that will help me in my future and will make some things easy in terms of employment. I know I got into the first round because they did not request more papers from me but never know… I just hope I was good enough and I managed to get a place into the program. Fingers crossed for me, please!!

In the last entry I talked about our greenhouse project and it’s now going incredibly well, we have managed to grow nice paprikas, tomatoes, chillies, etc. I should put some pics here.


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