It seems that winter is back! During last night we got lots of “wet” snow. Meaning it will melt away soon, but who cares! it is snow anyway 🙂 This week has been a huge mess, the Finnish course just started and I had time for nothing during half of the week, just work + […]


Sometimes moments of your live could make great movie scenes. Imagine now Last sun light of the day illuminates the livingroom through the shades creating stripped shadows on everything. He sits in the middle of the room with his hair uncarelesly put into a tail. He is playing guitar, a brown and black colored guitar […]


March is here already! Oh lord, days go so fast, since I started working I have no time for anything except working and weeks just go one after the other. It is not that I am very busy at work (I mean, not today) but I have other things to do, I finished almost all […]