Oh my God! these have been crazy days!

It has been a while since I updated my blog, and once more I feel super shamed about it! But these have been sooo busy days, I started working on 3rd this month and since then I had not stopped a single day. My weeks go along with sleeping-bus-work-bus-home and in those you have to add my three online courses (one already finished, other will do so tomorrow and the other will last for a week more) plus my design studies, which to be honest are a bit forgotten at the moment (because I cannot find inspiration enough to create a storage furniture for the living room).

I really want to be creative in the project and do something interesting, but my imagination is dry as the Sahara dessert so… here I am, waiting for the miracle to happen. I did have some ideas but even if I was excited about them when I created those, after couple days they looked awful and ended up in trash, so… let’s hope that tomorrow I can have some insight with it.

Apart of all my personal stuff, these have been rush days and sick days too, boyfriend fell sick again with the stomach flu but now he is recovering nicely (fingers crossed). About my work, sometimes I am super excited of being there and other I have mixed feelings about it, is like trying to re-conciliate the place I knew with the place that is now, but I guess it is a normal process and I have been trying to keep myself neutral and open for the new things around. And so far I like being there and I really wish I would be hired for longer period after my contract 🙂

Now I go to take care of the housewife issues for a while, because that cannot be left behind! 😛


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