Finally, we have a dinning table!

It only took us 5 months to make decision and get a real table to eat. We have go for a custom version of a bar table. We went to IKEA and bought the wood, legs and matching chairs and now it is alive!!

We are completing little by little our apartment, and now that we have the table other needs need to be fulfilled, like for example: carpets. This is going to be a bit of pain in the ass because carpets are really expensive in Finland (well, not if you get them IKEA). Other thing in which we want to put more effort is in the window section, we have that lovely shelf and it is asking to put something on it (I swear I hear it talking to me).

From IKEA we also got the lights for the bookshelves and I have to say that I am most than happy with them. They look extremely good and give them a new touch (like fancier or something).

Today I got almost all Christmas decorations, Christmas greeting cards and the first present of the year, but all is secret so no pics yet!

PD. I love IKEA ❤


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