Rendering or die!

Here I am, it is 8 in the morning and I cannot stop rendering images of an old project. How can I be so fed up with the lights?! They are driving me crazy! I have tried couple combinations already and non of them feels good enough.

Today is sauna day, and I hope I can relax a bit there because so far I have only had problems (broken light bulbs, burning coffee and internet not working in my laptop). I will try to be positive still, should not judge the day for its start.

In any case, today is the last working out of the week (yeei) yesterday it was a really hard one and I am feeling a bit sore and cranky this morning, so it is really good to have a break of this for a day. I also have to study administrative law (public goods and police power) it’s not bad but it is boring, really boring. But as complaining is not going to chance the fact that I have to do it, I better go and get it done!


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