So, how was Halloween?

We had a pretty normal night home, including pizzas, cake and the last Alien movie. Maybe not super scary movie but it was nice to see the whole saga (we have been watching movie by movie lately) again.

Yesterday we went to Stockmann and I am surprised they have already all the Christmas decorations on… isn’t it a bit early? I guess it feels a bit wrong for me, but on the other hand there are no other party to make people buy things, so… it kind of make sense. Anyway, apart of going there we also went to eat to Harald Viking restaurant again (is one of our favourites) and we had super good food, as always 🙂

Christmas in Stockmann

Today is Monday, which makes me a bit annoyed because I am not really sure of where to get energy for this next weeks, but I will figure out something, for sure. I have started to study for my last exam and I am trying to feel inspired enough to finish the makeover of an entrance hall, which surprisingly is driving me nuts! I had already all planned and clear in my mind but today it feels super bad idea so I guess I will start from the beginning again and re-think the whole project. I have a week for it (my own personal deadline).

Wish me luck!


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