Autumn is here and Helsinki looks beautiful 🙂

It’s a reality, fall has come to town making leaves turn red, orange, gold and yellow before they fall to the ground waiting the snow.

I left Helsinki on late August and I returned mid-September to find this lovely views all around. The summer days I spent in Cartagena were great! Sun and beach time with parents and lots of cuddling with Kitty cat (I miss her so much!). Once back in Helsinki many things happened.

The first four days were really hectic as I needed to work on the budget project and had couple of meetings. That same week I flew to Rovaniemi to participate in a Seminar. My talk was good and I got useful comments (as always), now I am waiting to get editorial work from there, but that will be during next month.

Just after coming back from there I started the Suomen kieli kurssi 2, and that’s what occupies the majority of my time, with homework and grammar wondering. The course will last two more weeks and then I have to wait and 5 months until I can go to level 3, it sounds long time but let’s see.

Right now I am in to the course and I am starting to get ready for my master application. I would like to submit all my papers in December, so I have still two months to collect the papers and write my motivation letter for it. In case I get delayed I have one month more because the application period finishes 31st January (so, no problem!).

Apart from this I have to study the last subject of my Law degree, Administrative Law III and I have to continue my Design studies, plus online courses. So I am veeery busy!!

But online courses will end at the end of this month or mid November so soon I will have time to focus on the law studies 100%. Until then, I will keep busy 😉


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