Finally I went to the beach!

It was yesterday, 26th August when I had my first (but not last) bath of the year in the beach, it was incredibly nice and I am very surprise of how fast I got tanned 😀 if this continues like this, I will be black when I return to Finland. Because now I am spending some days in Spain.

And as always I have mixed feelings about me being here, spend time with parents, grandmother and kitty cat is always great but I feel that a part of me is in another place, waiting me, in Helsinki. I guess this is how it will always be, I will not be completed as I will be always missing something in my life. But it’s fine, I am not very worried/sad about this. Because I feel happy in both places 🙂

This week started with great news and working perspectives, and I hope it will keep on surprising me, I just have to be strong enough to have hope and trust that all will go fine!


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