For the new days to come, let’s keep Fangoria lyrics in mind: “Mírame, soy todo lo que quiero ser Y ya no puedes disponer de mí igual que ayer Mírate, comienzas a desfallecer Ya nada puede detener tanta desfachatez “


And the Finnish exam is tomorrow! I cannot believe how fast the time has passed, it has been two weeks of extreme and intensive course. I hope the exam goes fine and I can accomplish a good result and obtain a diploma. I feel confident now about it but I know that I have to […]


Oh no! Fall is coming! According to my Finnish teacher yesterday (1.8.2013) fall started. That means that from now on I will be able to see those lovely autumn colors that you cannot see in south Spain where the tree leaves just get yellow and fall. In Finland there is a marvelous palette that goes from yellow […]