28-29.07.2013 Meripäivät!

I am back from Kotka!

This weekend we went to visit the relatives in Karhula, a city within Kotka. We left on Saturday early morning to the city center to catch the bus from Kamppi. The trip to city center was fine but I am a bit upset that the ventilation or air conditioning system of the trams is horrible. You cannot really feel any difference or been refreshed.

The bus to Karhula/Kotka stopped in Porvoo, it is first time I saw the city of Porvoo and I instantly felt the need of visiting. I really hope to drop by one day because it looked very nice, and it was quite full of people. The next stop was in Loviisa, which was a rather normal Finnish city, another stop I don’t remember and then our. The trip in bus felt really short even if it was a 2 hours trip.

The first impression I got from the bus station was that it was quite empty place, but I believe it was because people was in the maritime area enjoying some beers and sunlight. We needed to walk from there to the house of the relatives, which wasn’t very far but the heat was a bit annoying. (I am Spanish but I consider myself a heat hater, I just cannot stand it).

Relatives own a really nice house in Karhula, it is a very typical wooden Finnish house, where my boyfriend was risen up. They have managed to create a beautiful back yard with a garden with many flowers, trees and even a little fountain. It was incredibly cute place and I have really liked it. There I was able to try some home-made food (lohikeitto and mustikkapiirakka) all delicious.

During the evening we went to walk around the forest to visit in some magical place called Ukkovuori, a little hill where a face has been sculptured in granite by the water and ice movements since the Ice Age. It was an incredibly beautiful landscape, breathtaking! But not only Ukko’s face (Ukko is the Finnish God of thunder) is impressive, but the whole forest posses its own glow due to the smashed granite in its floor, that makes sunlight reflects in the little metallic parts of the broken stones.


We kept on walking around the forest where we saw a small lake (not remember the name anymore) and then we went back home. By the time we arrived I was completely exhausted because of the nervous feelings and the long day. I was so tired that I couldn’t have dinner.

Next day started with another round of sightseeing, but this time around Kotka. I was able to see some places where the Meripäivät was taking place, like in the maritime walkway where many different stands were held one close to another, some amusement attractions next to the maritime museum, stands in the tori and so on. I would have liked to visit the church, because it looked really big and nice from the outside. Instead of that, we visited the port where many small ships and boats were parked. We walked around the port and visited a small garden with stage and waterfall, we have some  drinks in the Tulikukko and  continued to visit another park.

This time a bigger one, with many granite stones, a piece of the gas pipe connecting Russia to Europe and a huge anchor statue. The views from the place were really nice, you could see the sea some islands around. Once we were done with the visit we went back home to eat and head back to Helsinki. But we had enough time to see old family pictures and pic some stuff to bring home with us (old books and boyfriend’s stamps collection [there was a Franco stamp, that was incredible]).


But now I am back to the Helsinki reality and I am waiting to go to the Finnish course, visiting in Karhula was very nice and I hope we can go back to explore more forest, to look for Ukko’s signs around, visit the church and much more.


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