This is the fourth week I’m in Helsinki. Generally I feel happy to be here, I only had two not so good days thinking about what I was doing here, but it was out of boredom.

I spend the day (or most of it) alone. And that sometimes makes me question my own reasons for being here. I think a more active life would help me mentally to keep myself busy since mostly only things I have to do are home stuff  and my studies.

Now occupy the free time I have in the kitchen, trying new things we might like and this afternoon I want to buy a notebook to write down the recipes for which I do. I thought I might do some Scrapbook because here there are many accessories (in a store close to home).

Lately, a new job opportunity has emerged , unpaid but at least it’s something I feels happy to do. I really hope to continue working with the NGO which with I collaborate today and get to see how far this partnership last in the future. For now on I have to focus on passing the two subjects that I have  and finish my project on the Saami people. I have pending several college visits to see people (and I sincerely hope that such visits take me to something new and good in my life).

I have many dreams and much time to think, I just need to channel my time and energy into things like and comforted me as a person. Let’s see how it goes!


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