I have lots of homework! We don’t have course on Fridays, so there is a long weekend ahead and teacher sent lots of work. Conjugating verbs, writing questions, translating texts and vocabulary and other things. I think I have done all the work, but now there comes the difficult part: Study the new vocabulary. Let’s […]


Today is the last day of the first week of the Finnish course. I feel very excited about the course. Everyday I get to know my classmates more and I enjoy learning so much that I always do more exercises than what I was supposed to do. I guess this is what happens when you […]


Woah! The Finnish language course just started this week, and God it is intense! 😀 I am very happy to be enrolled into this Finnish for Foreigners Beginners Level not only because of learning but because I am getting to know great people there. We are around 20 students and I still don’t know everybody […]


This is the fourth week I’m in Helsinki. Generally I feel happy to be here, I only had two not so good days thinking about what I was doing here, but it was out of boredom. I spend the day (or most of it) alone. And that sometimes makes me question my own reasons for […]


Hace una semana que llegué a Helsinki y no puedo estar más feliz. El período de exámenes ha salido bien y ya sólo me quedan dos asignaturas para graduarme y empezar una nueva etapa en mi vida. Este verano será de estudio (como siempre) tanto de asignaturas como de idioma, ya que empezaré las clases […]