Many things happened since I wrote my last entry. And first thing to know is that we are moving to Helsinki!! Now we are just waiting to know where are we going to live, and as you can imagine, the waiting process is always a bit annoying, and includes lots of refreshing your email account.

About other sort of events, today is the Otovappu party, it is a kind of party before the real Vappu (which is the 1st May). Maybe some people is already familiar with the “Vappu”, for the ones that are not, Vappu is the day when all people goes to streets wearing their graduation caps and celebrate (some they also wear the university overalls). In Vappu you see everyone wearing those caps, no matter is just graduated people or really old ones. And as you can imaging it includes a huge amount of alcohol, the fancier drink sparkling wine in a plastic wine glass (which I consider to be quite funny).

Too many things happened during these days and sadly I don’t remember all or want to write all. But since now I try to be more committed to my blog and I will post more often.


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