Second Week. Friday


Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Oulu.

Today it has been a long day, we needed to wake up early because boyfriend had an appointment with dental hygienist. The health center is quite close from his apartment so we didn’t need to walk much.

There I got chance to have small conversation with people, basically to say that I don’t understand what they were telling and that I wasn’t there to get a blood sample. Which is good because otherwise I would have fainted.

After visiting the doctor, we went again to the Hullut Päivät (the crazy days sales) to look more books. I was hoping that people wasn’t interested about going there anymore and that it would be less crowd, but no! It was as full as previous days. Probably, the worst section was the super-market, which was so full that you could hardly walk around the aisles. But I have survived and now I have a Spanish translation of Kalevala (the national epic story of Finland: ). I am very happy because last time I saw it I didn’t buy it thinking I could do it later and when I came back it had disappeared and I got quite disappointed.

The rest of the day hadn’t been very good. It started in not a very happy way, and it has have some ups and downs; but definitely, the evening was the downer moment of day. But I prefer not to write about it today, I have to process all information in my head so I can be more objective when I comment it and write it down.

I hope the weekend can bring some new things and nice ones.


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