30 Days

In 30 days from now I will be living in Finland.

It’s not an accident that I am moving there. I got interested about Finland more than five years ago. At the very beginning it was mainly musical interest, but that developed into admiration for the Finnish nature and language.

I’ve visited Finland on several occasions,6 to be precise. The first one was summer 2009, when I spent a week in Helsinki. There I fell in love with the city. For me Helsinki had it all, the weather was nice, the parks and streets were full of people eating berries, peas and weird colour ice-creams. What impressed me the most was the cleanliness of city compared to my home-town and I developed a mysteriously devotion to trams. I clearly remember being in the hostel shower very late at night and hearing the noise of tram 4 going down the street. I think I am never going to forget that sound in my life.

The second one was February 2012, I spent 8 months in Finland, mainly in Helsinki but I got the chance of visiting many different places (Turku, Oulu, Turenki, Tampere and Seinäjoki). At the moment I can say that time was the best time I have ever had in my life. I was able to work in the place a like, with marvellous workmates; I managed to live alone for first time (and I survived); I made really good friends that will always be in special place in my heart (Carol and Fabia) and among all, I found love, in a perfect and honest way.

Helsinki gave me the best it had once more. It also showed it’s nasty face to me, but if I would have to balance between good and bad, I have to say that good wins. I still think about Helsinki with a melancholic feeling, it’s the place in which I have found myself, the place where I was happy for first time, and that will be difficult to forget.

The third visit was March 2012, at that time I didn’t visit Helsinki, but Finnish Lapland instead. I visited Ranua and Salla. It was a rather short visit, I stayed only a week but magical things happened as I saw the Northern Lights for first time (in Ranua) and I have to say that it was something amazing, something so beautiful that it’s even difficult to put in words. I remember the coldness of being standing on snow, the nerves of not knowing what would happen next, and the joy of seeing such an incredible thing happening just above our heads. It was in Ranua when I had my officially first sauna, and I thought I was going to faint! but somehow I got super addicted to it and I had one everyday.

Apart of Ranua, we visited Salla, a little city or town or village… next to the Russian border. There I had my first cottage experience, and it was marvellous. I can perfectly remember waking up in the wooden room, smelling the wood smell around us, opening the window just to enjoy the silence of the forest around us, silence that was only broken by a funny squirrel that jumped from one tree to another. I remember that scene as a quite idyllic moment. Apart from the cottage the thing which impressed me the most was when we managed ourselves to reach the top of the closet ski mountain called Sallatunturi. There we enjoyed an impressive view of the Finnish forest and the Russian border.

The fourth visit was in April 2012, I took advantage of the holidays and spent around two weeks in Ranua where the highlight was the visit to the Ranua Zoo to see the little polar bear Ranzo (yes, Ranua – Zoo). And yet we did another trip, we went to Kilpisjärvi, a small village in north-west Lapland. Kilpisjärvi shares border with Sweden and Norway and was quite interesting place. What impressed me the most was the total silence, even more than in Salla. I think it was quite impressive to walk on the lake itself, our plan was to go up to a hill called Saana but it wasn’t very safe to so.

The fifth visit was in Summer 2012, to Ranua once more. I spent the whole summer living in village, and that was great. The house was perfect for the two of us and it was located in perfect place to pick berries. We had the forest just in front of us. I spent the summer between Ranua and Rovaniemie (where I was working). There were very good moments in the summer, like for example the Hillamarkinnat (the cloudberry party) and the little trip to Tromsø in Norway. A trip which was a bit surprise for myself, I do regret my attitude sometimes in the trip but it turned out to be a huge thing, probably the best thing was the view of the city and fiords we had from the top of another fiord.

Maybe the only bad thing was the mosquitoes, they were everywhere! even inside the house. I have to point out that our bus trips were super funny because in the majority of them we needed to stop to let reindeers pass, and once even an elk.

And the sixth and so far last one, was on November 2012 when I visited Oulu for less than 2 weeks. Oulu has turned out to be now my second home, as I have been staying there in almost all my visits. It is the place I am moving to next month. It has lots of incredibly nice places around, like the park next to the port, the little lake next to the student residence, the market and the poliisi, the Nallikari beach, pancake house, the St. Michael… There are many places which I like from Oulu. And events! The Air Guitar Festival was really funny experience ( I saw it on my last night there).

At the moment I cannot say where am I going to be, or what is going to happen but I know it’s going to be good and we are going to be fine. I have faith in Finland, it has been a great place for me before and I hope it will keep on being so; and the most important, I have faith in us.


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